Liberty needlecord fabric

New stocks of Liberty needlecord just in ....


Liberty Rossmore Cord - Hesketh (snowdrop)

Straight skirt Size 12/14 made from 1M of the Liberty needlecord.  We have made it shorter but it could be knee length or below the knee and still come out of just 1M of fabric.

Liberty needlecord - Floral Filigree (blue)

Liberty Rossmore Cord - John - just £16/M

Liberty needlecord - Lotta

Liberty Rossmore Cord - The Cadbys A


The lovely Anne has made this stunning jacket in the Emerald Bay (bright) needlecord.

 Liberty Rossmore Cord - Emerald Bay (bright) 

The equally lovely Stella (and I) have made these dresses from around 75cm of needlecord to fit 1 to 2 year olds.  Some we have made reversible in the needlecord, so you would obviously need 75cm each of 2 fabrics for these. Others we have popped a cotton lining in.  So many colours in the fabrics to pick out for a t-shirt and tights.

To summarise Liberty needlecord

  • soft, drapey, lightweight, fine needlecord fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • 143cm/56" wide
  • 172gm/sm - light to medium weight needlecord
  • machine wash at 30 deg C, line dry, don't tumble
  • the fineness of the needlecords makes it wearable virtually all year round.  Perfect for dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and lends itself to little girl's pinafore dresses.  Wear in autumn, winter, spring - even summer use when it's a bit cooler.

Liberty Needlecord  - priced from £16/M

If you would like a sample - just drop me an e-mail with your name and address -

Happy Sewing


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Susan Stevenson
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