Hot Patterns Dresses - over 30 to choose from .....

Hot Patterns Dresses - over 30 to choose from .....

The latest two Hot Patterns have just arrived...  the Wong-Singh-Jones Phoenix Wrap Dress, Tunic & Blouse

Hot Patterns Phoenix Wrap Dress

and the Fast & Fabulous Nexus T-Shirt Dress

Hot Patterns Nexus T-Shirt Dress

Trudy who designs all the Hot Patterns has the amazing talent to produce super stunning dresses that are also super comfortable and easy to wear.  This is the certainly the case with the best seller Fast & Fabulous Montpellier Dress

Hot Patterns Montpellier Dress

 Hot Patterns are made to last, so they’re printed on strong paper, not the usual tissue...this means that they're strong enough for you to use again & again...

The pattern envelopes are 9” x 12”, which is big for a pattern...but that makes it easier for you to re-fold & store your Hot Patterns after use...

Hot Patterns

Smart to casual - something for every occasion

The dress patterns range from £14 - £15.  See all the dress patterns here.

Happy sewing ....



Susan Stevenson
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