Serendipity Studio Sewing Patterns

Serendipity Studio is a fresh, young pattern company from Texas. Founded by sewing enthusiast Kay Whitt, their patterns are fun and funky, and perfect for use with the gorgeous quilting cottons available now. Each pattern contains several suggestions and directions for embellishments so that you can give your garment its own unique touches! Note that they do not come in the traditional paper envelopes, but instead in resealable transparent pockets, perfect for pattern storage.
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Serendipity Studio - 146 - Cottage Roses
Serendipity Studio- Artful Bags
Serendipity Studio- 143 - Aspen Tunic
Serendipity Studio - 66 - The Kendra Skirt
Serendipity Studio - 67 - The Samantha Skirt
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