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Liberty Lifestyle & Quilting Cottons are 100% cotton and more of a middle-weight cotton than the finer Liberty Tana Lawns.  These fabrics can be used for all manner of sewing projects including Quilting, dressmaking, homestyling etc., etc., etc.  Lovely to work with.  We stock all the new Liberty Lasenby Cotton ranges as soon as they are released:  

Latest Collections include:

  • Deck The Halls ( NEW XMAS 2023)
  • A Woodland Christmas (XMAS 2022)
  • Flower Show Sunrise (2022)
  • MidSummer Flower Show (July 2021)  
  • Carnaby - 33 Fabrics (June 2021)

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 Not intended for Children's sleepwear.

The width of the fabric is 112cm.  If a quarter metre of fabric is ordered the standard way of cutting will be as a Fat Quarter ie 50cm x 56 cm (half the width of the fabric) so that you receive a square shape rather than a long thin quarter metre.  If however you would prefer a Long quarter then please ask and then we can cut the fabric this way  A long quarter would measure 25cm x 112cm (the full width of the fabric)

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Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bohemian Bloom 952B
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Bohemian Bloom 952B
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Carnation Carnival 951B
Sold Out
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bloomsbury Silhouette 950D
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bloomsbury Blossom 949B
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Paradise Petals 948B
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Paradise Petals 948B
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Westbourne Posy 947B
Sold Out
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Westbourne Posy 947B
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Cosmos Cloud 945A
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Cosmos Cloud 945A
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Soho Stripe 943B
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Soho Stripe 943B
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Piccadilly Poppy 941D
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Piccadilly Poppy 941D
£15.00 per metre £16.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Sunny Afternoon 940B
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Sunny Afternoon 940B
£15.00 per metre £16.00
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