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We are an official supplier of Liberty fabrics and offer a wide range of unusual Liberty fabrics such as Liberty Needlecord, Lantana and Jerseys, as well as the ever-popular Tana Lawn range.

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Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bohemian Bloom 952C
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Bohemian Bloom 952C
$20.00 per metre $24.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Carnation Carnival 951C
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bloomsbury Silhouette 950E
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bloomsbury Blossom 949D
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Bloomsbury Blossom 949C
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Daisy dot 946C
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Daisy dot 946C
$20.00 per metre $24.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Soho Stripe 943C
Liberty 'Carnaby' - Soho Stripe 943C
$20.00 per metre $24.00
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Piccadilly Poppy 941F
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Piccadilly Poppy 941E
Liberty 'Carnaby'  - Sunny Afternoon 940C
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