Coordinating threads and zips: We have matched up all of our fabrics with co-ordinating Gutermann thread and YKK zips. If you are looking for a thread to match one of our fabrics, check out the fabric description page as it should give you the matching thread code, as well as giving you the option to add one straight in to your shopping cart, under the section headed "Buy the matching thread and zip - get sewing sooner!". If this information is missing please let us know and we will be happy to try and help!
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YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 580 - Black
YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 557 - Saxe Blue
YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 502 - Cream
YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 573 - Fawn
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YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 560 - Dark Navy
YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 519 - Red
YKK Metal Trouser Zip 18cm - 580 - Black
YKK Metal Trouser Zip 18cm - 560 - Dark Navy
YKK Metal Trouser Zip 15cm - 501 - White
YKK Metal Trouser Zip 18cm - 573 - Fawn
YKK Metal Trouser Zip 18cm - 577 - Mid Grey
YKK Invisible Zip 56cm - 570 - Brown

14 results

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