HOW TO DO FASHION Patterns - Interview with Nanna

HOW TO DO FASHION Patterns - Interview with Nanna

Interview with Nanna Martinussen, founder of HOW TO DO


I am a trained tailor and pattern maker and I love to create and make pretty things. I love vintage, and teaching my sewing knowledge is something I am crazy about. With this in mind, I have created a series of sewing patterns.

My inspiration mainly comes from vintage for the reason that femininity is allowed. Today's fashion is so unisex and has no gender. One of the things we can do with our clothes is to set the tone of who we are, and I like to be a woman, a strong woman, and with vintage, I feel I can be both feminine and strong.

Another thing about vintage is the way clothes were made back then. Clothes were a more personal thing. A dress was made for one woman, made to fit her perfectly. Today it seems like we don’t care about well-fitted clothes. We care about getting a new wardrobe every season, a waste of resources and money.
What I would like; is to teach more woman about the magic in making their clothes. How fantastic it feels when you put on a dress or jacket that fits you. How proud you feel when you look at a piece of clothing that you have made. And of course the satisfaction is in the process, for me it's like meditation to sew, and I know that many women feel the same way.
My Idea when I started HOW TO DO FASHION was to make a line of patterns in high quality, with a classy and feminine design. I have put a lot of thought into the patterns, the folder and the paper it is printed on. I want my pattern to be the base of a “pattern wardrobe”  a kind of library of personal well-fitted patterns. I want to give all sewer the possibility to make a library of patterns that can be used over and over again. I like the idea of mixing the different patterns to a whole new dress or jumpsuit. And many of my patterns are made with that in mind. The patterns we sew from and make alterations to are the whole foundation of the great piece of garment we make.
The new pattern I have designed is the Aalborg wrapped dress, and I have been inspired from the 1970s a decade I actually have mixed feelings about when we are talking fashion. But a great wrapped dress with sleeves that has a bit of attitude is a winner in my opinion.
We stock a range of the How To Do Fashion patterns here at Sewbox.  Currently on offer at £16.  
The website has a whole range of sewing videos, tips and really useful information on sewing and fitting the patterns.
Thanks Nanna for sharing your inspiration, thoughts on fashion and your amazing patterns with us.
Susan Stevenson
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