Dramatic new Liberty needlecord prints

Dramatic new Liberty needlecord prints

Liberty Grand Bazaar cord is available in 3 colourways.

Vibrant Orange/Bronze tones ....


Makes up beautifully into a short straight skirt

Stunning turquoise and pink tones ...


and bright florals but on an ivory background give a completely different look ....

 Just 1M makes up the skirt in a Size 12.  Pick out one of the colours in the fabric for a plain top and matching tights.  

 We've also added Liberty Anise Cord in 2 colourways.....

Orange and pinks .....


this little top/pinafore for a 1-2 year old takes under 1/2M

and Anise in greens

this little pinafore for a 2 year old takes under 1M

The lovely Lynda has used a co-ordinating bias trim at the bottom off these dresses and matching buttons to bring out the vibrant colours in these fabrics


Introductory price of  £20/M for the Grand Bazaar and £19/M for the Anise

143cm wide  100% cotton  Machine washable at 30 degrees    Don't tumble

Liberty cord is light to medium weight, soft and drapes beautifully.

Hopefully some inspiration for Happy autumn sewing ...






Susan Stevenson
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