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Liberty Beatrix Maxi Dress

£19.50 £16.95

This gorgeous Maxi Dress comes in 2 variations

A)  Sleeveless with frill at the bottom

B)  With full length sleeves and a front centre split


Suggested Fabrics:  Cotton, Silk


    • Pattern No. LIB101
    • Series No. 01
    • Style: Dresses have length and sleeve variations, with frill and/or front slit
    • For sizes: 6-22
    • Skill level: Easy
    • Suggested fabric: Cotton, Silk
    • Batting: A, B - 45” (115cm) - 1 yd. (1.0m)
    • Lining: A, B - 45” (115cm) - 5/8 yd. (0.6m)
  • Supplies required: 1/2” (1.3cm) Single Fold Bias Tape


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