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DIY Couture - How to Make a Cloak


Learn to sew a flowing cape without a complex sewing pattern! DIY Couture books contain a set of simple, visual instructions, including variations so the garment can be almost endlessly re-invented. Diagrams and pictures take the maker through the creation process, so that unique, personally fitted pieces of clothing are accessible to anyone.

The cloak is a flowing cape that fastens at the neck with a button or tie. It can be made with or without lining. It is made up of three main pieces of fabric in the shape of slices of pizza and three identical pieces made of lining fabric.

The cloak can be made to incorporate a cosy warm winter hood or a smart collar. It can be made with a coloured or patterned lining fabric flashing out from the folds, or it can be made without a lining for a lighter-weight garment. It can be made fairly short as a nimble cape, or to sweep about the knees for a more serious piece of clothing. It can be made with sharp corners or with rounded edges for a softer, less dramatic look.

DIY Couture's books are beautifully designed with fresh, clean photography and colourful diagrams. They measure 260mm x 210mm (slightly shorter than A4) and have a simple matt paperback cover.

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