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We are an official supplier of Liberty fabrics and offer a wide range of unusual Liberty fabrics such as Liberty Needlecord, Lantana and Jerseys, as well as the ever-popular Tana Lawn range.

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Liberty Belgravia Satin Silk - LBS02321105A - Passion Flower
Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036368416A - Althea McNish -  Tepeaca Study
Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036368415B - Althea McNish -  Bezique Review
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Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036368407B - Althea McNish -  Althea Trinidad
Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036368408C - Althea McNish -  Cebollas Garden
Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036368418A - Althea McNish -  Chelsea Chaconia
Liberty - Wiltshire Shadow Collection - Light Indigo 5703Z
Liberty Tana Lawn - LTL036364581B - Wiltshire Stars (blue)
Liberty Tana Lawn® - LTL03634095V - Poppy & Daisy NEON (blue/pink)
Liberty Tana Lawn® - LTL036300125E - Libby NEON (pink/blue)
Liberty Tana Lawn® - LTL0363037N - Margaret Annie NEON (blues)
Liberty Tana Lawn® - LTL03639009V - Wiltshire NEON (blues)

305 results

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