Kwik Sew Sewing Patterns

Kwik Sew sewing patterns have a superb reputation for providing very clear, easy to follow instructions- they come highly recommended by beginners! They are also renowned for their high quality, with patterns printed on one side of durable white paper, and colour coded cutting lines for each size; making them a dream to work with compared to tissue paper patterns.

13 results
Kwik Sew 3504 - Men's Jeans
Kwik Sew 3793 (Kwik Start) - Men's Sleep Pants & Shorts
Kwik Sew 3422 - Men's Shirts
Kwik Sew 3389 - Men's Coveralls
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Kwik Sew 3883 - Men's Shirts
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Kwik Sew 3878 - Men's Shirts
Kwik Sew 3884 - Men's Shorts
Kwik Sew 3713 - Men's Pajamas
Kwik Sew 3662 - Men's Vests
Kwik Sew 3484 - Men's Shirts
Kwik Sew 3485 - Men's Blazers
Kwik Sew 3663 - Men's Pants

13 results

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