Kwik Sew Sewing Patterns

Kwik Sew sewing patterns have a superb reputation for providing very clear, easy to follow instructions- they come highly recommended by beginners! They are also renowned for their high quality, with patterns printed on one side of durable white paper, and colour coded cutting lines for each size; making them a dream to work with compared to tissue paper patterns.

23 results
Kwik Sew 3597 (Kwik Start) - Crafts: Bags
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Kwik Sew 3525 (Kwik Start) - Crafts: My First Project Pillows and Pillowcase
Kwik Sew 3684 (Kwik Start) - Crafts: All Occasions Hand Bags
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Kwik Sew 3480 (Kwik Start) - Adult & Children Aprons & Scarf
Kwik Sew 3886 - Crafts Pouch with Pincushion & Cup Organizer
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Kwik Sew 3320 - Misses' Aprons
Kwik Sew 3247 - Adult & Children Apron & Oven Mitt
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Kwik Sew 3749 - Crafts Bags
Kwik Sew 3685 - Crafts: Crib Comforter, Skirt, Fitted Sheet, Bumper Pad & Diaper Stacker
Kwik Sew 3613 - Crafts: Aprons, Oven Mitt, Pot Holder & Alphabet Appliqués
Kwik Sew 3518 - Misses' Aprons
Kwik Sew 3517 - Pets Harness, Leash, Bed and Carrier

23 results

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