3 DIY sewing projects perfect for lockdown

3 DIY sewing projects perfect for lockdown

We’ve picked our 3 favourite sewing video tutorials from YouTube, ranging from super easy projects for keeping the kids entertained to tougher challenges designed to test your sewing skills. 

Some of these projects require only the most basic equipment, and can be completed with just a sewing machine and various items you can find around the house.

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Let’s get started! 

1. DIY scrunchies

Difficulty level: Easy

What you’ll Need: Your chosen fabric, Fabric Scissors, Elastic (an old hairband will do). 

Our thoughts: Have you outgrown an old piece of clothing that you can’t quite bear to let out of your life? This might be the project for you. We love this tutorial, because the video gives us 2 different options for those with and without a sewing machine. For the second option, you may need a few other pieces of equipment (Jennifer recommends a glue gun), but you can still create your very own scrunchie without.

The tutorial: 


2. Make your own pyjama pants

Difficulty level: Easy to Intermediate

What you’ll Need: 1.5 yards of your chosen Knit or Flannel Fabric, Fabric Scissors, Thread, Sewing Clips, Iron, Sewing Marker, Elastic, Ribbon. 

Our thoughts: With most of the world spending much more time at home than usual, sales of leisure and comfort wear have gone through the roof. But now, you have the chance to make your own, at low cost, designed in any way you like! If you’ve got extra time on your hands, you could even make a pair of every member of your family.

We’ve ranked this one as intermediate, due to the fact it’ll be important that your measurements are marked precisely and you have the ability to sew nice, straight steams. But it’s a really fun project that anyone with a bit of experience shouldn’t have a problem completing.

The tutorial: 


3. Make your own off-the-shoulder dress

 Difficulty level: Hard

What you’ll Need: Marker, Fabric Scissors, Elastic, plus basic equipment for drawing and drafting.

Our thoughts: When followed closely, this tutorial creates a really stunning end product. But the reason we’ve rated it as hard is that you’ll need to draft your own Pattern pieces first, before you take on the project.

 The video shows us the different shapes we’ll need before starting - the sleeve, front and back, bottom, ruffle panel and serge. If you haven’t got a serger (over-locker) then you can just use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to finish the edges. You can try cutting these yourself, or get your hands on some sewing pattern templates either as an online PDF or via a sewing/ fabric store.

The tutorial: 


If you need any sewing supplies for your projects take a look at our huge range of sewing patterns, fabrics and haberdashery! 

Susan Stevenson
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