Handmade Ceramic Buttons – beautiful buttons inspired by vintage textiles

by Leah Taylor on June 24, 2010

I have been lusting after these buttons for over a year, and at LONG last they have finally arrived in-store :-)

They’re each completely hand made and hand painted by one very dedicated artist in her studio in Sheffield, and they’re just so unusual. Most of the buttons are inspired by embroidery, florals, or birds; and they use such a wonderful selection of colours – I especially love the jade and red combination (the swallow button, middle right)!

They’re washable in the machine if you cover them in tin foil, so they’re functional as well. I have just sewn the red swallow on to a plain brown skirt I had, to liven it up; I think they’d look fabulous stitched on to handbags as well… or even just standing with pride of place on the shelf, to look at every day- they’re just TOO pretty!

One set are only 1cm across so would look lovely as buttons on a blouse; I think they’d be great with the navy polka dot fabric.

To see these gorgeous handmade ceramic buttons for yourself, click here – enjoy and no drooling please!

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