Hot Patterns now available in the UK!

by Leah Taylor on April 30, 2010

Hot Patterns are now available in the UK, direct from my shop Sewbox. Despite the Icelandic volcano’s best efforts, at long last, a large parcel full of stylish sewing patterns from the fabulous Jeremy has arrived safe and sound, containing the pick of the Hot Patterns crop!

For those of you unfamiliar with Hot Patterns, they’re a trend-conscious independent pattern company run by a dynamic British husband-and-wife team, Jeremy and Trudy, based in sunny Florida. They create stylish sewing patterns that are just unlike anything else out there, and have already developed a huge cult following worldwide.

Hot Patterns come in extra large pattern envelopes (23 x 31cm) and are printed on durable strong pattern paper, making it super easy to re-fold & store a pattern. A word of warning, though: the patterns are NOT designed for absolute beginner sewers. Though the pattern instructions are clearly written and easy to follow, they do assume you already have a small amount of knowledge about garment construction at the minimum, as they can skip over some of the simpler techniques. However if you’re happy to use another reference book side by side with the pattern, there is no reason you couldn’t tackle one of these as a total beginner – if you do, please post a comment to let me know how you get on!

The easiest Hot Patterns pattern stocked by Sewbox is probably the Hot Patterns 1090 – Classix Nouveau Uptown Downtown Knit Dress, which is graded at the “Beginner” difficulty level. It is designed for knit fabrics so it might be an interesting project to get stuck in to if you’ve only sewn with wovens to date:

Hot Patterns 1090 Classix Nouveau Uptown Downtown Knit Dress

Hot Patterns 1090 Classix Nouveau Uptown Downtown Knit Dress

A summery alternative is their classic Hot Patterns 1071 Weekender Sunshine Top, which is graded as Advanced Beginner but is definitely at the “easier” end of the category:

Hot Patterns 1071 Weekender Sunshine Top

Hot Patterns 1071 Weekender Sunshine Top

Most of the patterns are graded at the “Advanced Beginner” level, which I have classified as Intermediate in the Sewbox store. I think this puts the pattern difficulty more in line with those from the other pattern companies.

The first one I plan to tackle will be the Hot Patterns Boudoir of Bliss Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas – I’m hoping they’ll add a much-needed touch of glamour back in to my post-baby wardrobe, and will be perfect for looking delicious for visitors in the early days with my new baby, without having to actually get properly dressed! I think I will use the John Kaldor matt satin floral fabric:

Hot Patterns 1097 Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas

Hot Patterns 1097 Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas – perfect for effortless glamour right in your own home!

John Kaldor Fabric - Matt Floral Satin

John Kaldor’s stunning matt satin floral fabric – click image to see the fabric in my store

Have you tried any of the Hot Patterns range? Got any in particular you’re dying to have a go at? If so please leave a comment as I’d love to hear from you!

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