New John Kaldor fabrics fresh for summer

by Leah Taylor on April 30, 2010

With just days to go before the birth of my first baby, a luscious batch of John Kaldor fabrics has arrived at Sewbox! It’s given me just enough time to get them photographed and up on the website.

The new John Kaldor fabrics are bang on trend with the current craze for florals, and will have you looking effortlessly stylish in no time at all. My personal favourite is a beautiful sheer silk and viscose “burn out”:

John Kaldor Fabric - Silk & Viscose burnout

A silk and viscose burn-out by John Jaldor, now in stock at Sewbox (click image to go to store). I am intrigued by how burnout fabric is made.

The fabric consists of a viscose base, with a silk top layer woven in to it. The silk layer is then “burnt away” in a pattern, leaving behind the flower design, which is then printed with colour. The end effect is a sheer fabric except for the flowers / leaves which contain an additional silk layer. Sewbox’s New Cream lining complements the fabric nicely, though the colour on the website makes the lining look yellower than it is – the lining is actually a soft cream colour (request a sample if unsure).

It’s a beautiful, light fabric which is perfect for the summer months: this is definitely going to feature in my upcoming sewathon to create a new post-baby wardrobe. I’ve got a couple of weddings this summer and I think this fabric would make a fabulous outfit. Currently I am torn though between sewing it up in Colette Pattern’s Chantilly Dress, or the more structured Oolong Dress:

Colette Patterns 1002 Chantilly Dress

The floaty Chantilly Dress will be more forgiving to my post-baby figure...

Colette Patterns 1008 Oolong Dress

...but I love the classic timelessness of the Oolong Dress.

Oooh, decisions…!

Another key feature of my post-baby wardrobe will be the Hot Patterns Boudoir of Bliss Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas, sewn up in this gorgeous matt satin John Kaldor fabric just in:

John Kaldor Fabric - Matt Floral Satin

This stunning, soft fabric in matt satin would like fabulous sewn up as...

Hot Patterns 1097 Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas

...Hot Patterns 1097 Bel-Air Lounging Pyjamas

My other favourite from the new John Kaldor fabric collection has to be this fun, fabulous print that makes me long to be sitting poolside in Monaco (pass the margharita, daahling):

John Kaldor Fabric - Satin Yoryu

A lightweight satin yoryu fabric, which has a very subtle texture to it. Perfect for summer BBQs and poolside frolics. Click image to go to product in the Sewbox store.

And our lightweight John Kaldor matt satin fabric with roses, in dusk, has proved so popular that we’ve added the same fabric in a dusky pink colour:

John Kaldor Fabric - Satin Yoryu

Dusky pink roses by John Kaldor. Click image to go to product in the Sewbox store.

We’ve got lots of other exciting products coming in in the next few weeks, including some new natural cotton dressmaking fabrics, which I hope to put on the website as soon as I can, new baby allowing!

So what do you think as to whether I should sew up the silk burn-out fabric in the Chantilly Dress or Oolong Dress? If you’d like to help me choose, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Jill April 30, 2010 at 8:38 am

That Oolong Dress is simply gorgeous.


Fiona April 30, 2010 at 9:57 am

I perfer the Cantilly dress, but then I prefer loose fitting clothing. Love the pyjamas! you have to put a picture on when you make them.


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