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by Susan on May 21, 2013

I was lucky enough to meet up with the lovely Anna from Superstitchers the other day and was so impressed by her newly launched range of Childrens Sewing Kits  – we are now going to stock some of the range at Sewbox.

Molly Mushroom keyring

Anna is a textile design and craft teacher and has personally developed each of the kits.  I asked Anna all about the kits and these are her responses.  Firstly, why she felt sewing it such an important skill for children to learn.

“sewing helps children become creative thinkers, it’s educational, it’s good for hand/eye co-ordination, fine motor skills develop through the use of the hands and it builds self esteem.”

Dilly Dog

What made you decide to set up Superstitchers … “More and more parents were asking me to put together kits they could give as birthday presents.”

And the kits are used at birthday parties?  – Yes, many parents buy a collection of kits and now host their own children’s sewing parties. The kit doubles up as the party leaving present and is proving really popular as well as very cost effective – every parents delight!

What are your plans for developing the range     “I have lots of ideas and test them all out in my after school clubs with children aged 4 – 11. I am currently working on a chambray tote bag with Liberty fabric applique’ shapes for the more advanced Superstitcher.  A larger sized cosmetic purse is about to go on sale too.  In the hand sewing range two new brooch kits are being developed  – one kit is layered felt made by needle felting.”

Superstitcher parties & workshops!

A sewing machine range, why?  “Children naturally progress and often from the age of 8 ask for a sewing machine.  However, commercial patterns are very difficult to follow and many parents now cannot sew or understand the pattern jargon. I saw a gap in the market and the need for simple kits that can be machined. The kits are a stepping stone for a child to want to learn and understand more about machining.  It’s a natural progression.”

Are the kits suitable for teenagers? “Definitely – Superstitchers kits have been designed to be challenging enough to keep children of all ages engaged in the activity and also want to learn more.  Every kit can be made more difficult by choosing harder stitches that are free to download from”

Make-up bag

Why pre cut kits?  “I decided to pre cut every Superstitchers kit for a number of reasons.  Many households do not have fabric scissors; time is very precious and often short; parental involvement cutting out pattern pieces, pinning them onto the fabrics accurately, and then cutting out, can be too much for some.  Having everything ready to sew, the child can identify the pieces and start stitching almost straightaway.”

Whats the QR code for?  “Every box has a special code on it which when zapped with a smartphone takes the viewer into a video and shows the kits actually being used by children aged 5 – 9. Lots of tips – splitting thread, tying a knot and some stitches as well as how much thread to use – are shown.”

Thanks Anna – and all the best with Superstitchers.  Brilliant idea re the Children’s parties and the QR code …. really cooooooool!  I know these kits are really going to take off and am so pleased that Sewbox is an early stockist.

Enjoy your Super stitching …


21 May, 2013

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