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by Susan on August 21, 2012

Button Down Shirt to Dress – Sky Turtle Sewing Blog ….

‘Reuse, remake, mend. Spend, buy, consume.’  Ina Ghita has produced her second Liberty refashioning tutorial and she asks ..

‘How many clothes do you buy in a month? What about a year? And how many of those do you end wearing more than once? Today’s mantras are “buy the shoes, you only live once”,”I work hard, I deserve that new dress” and “I am sad therefore I shop”. Each of us takes this more or less seriously, we each define how important shopping for clothes is to us.

As a sewist you probably buy more fabric than you buy clothes, but I bet you have a little pile of clothes you’re not wearing anymore (there was an accident, they don’t fit anymore etc), that you plan to reuse, repair or remake.’

Her challenge for  this month is for us to go through our wardrobes, putting aside the things we don’t wear anymore. Then chose one thing from that pile and make it into a new garment you will wear and love.

Ina has taken a button down shirt from her pile and teamed it with Liberty jersery to produce this fun summer dress in less than 2 hours!

Liberty Jersey prints are priced at £13.50/M and are an amazing 135 – 150cm  wide!!

Liberty jersey fabrics

For her full tutorial go to Sky Turtle Sewing Blog.

Thanks Ina, we look forward to Liberty refashioning tutorial No.3 next month

Happy sewing ..


21 August, 2012

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Patricia O September 29, 2012 at 3:38 pm

I guess the other thing you can do with something you don’t wear anymore is give it to a charity. Some people are having a tough time of it. Thank goodness this post although being about restyling garments doesn’t patronise. I’m semi-retired now and if I see on TV (or read anywhere for that matter) another person saying that the dear old Pensioners can make themselves leg warmers by cutting arms off old sweaters and cardigans or make knickers out of old tee-shirts I shall spit. That being said, the dress this lady has made does look nice and I am all in favour of discouraging waste by recycling.


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